Our aim is to develop computer-aided proofs of numerical values, with certified and reasonably tight error bounds, without sacrificing efficiency. Applications to zero-finding, numerical quadrature or global optimization can all benefit from using our results as building blocks. We expect our work to initiate a "fast and reliable" trend in the symbolic-numeric community. This will be achieved by developing interactions between our fields, designing and implementing prototype libraries and applying our results to concrete problems originating in optimal control theory.


Final Workshop -- May 22--24, 2019 -- Lyon.

Fourth year general meeting June 5--7 2018, in Sophia Antipolis. See the program.

Third year general meeting May 29--31 2017, in Jussieu. See the program.

Second year general meeting May 25--27 2016, in Toulouse. See the program.

We organized and sponsored the MAP 2016 conference. It took place from January 11th to January 15th at CIRM, Marseilles. Slides of the lectures and talks are available, as well as videos of some invited talks.

We funded the 2015 French Bebras contest, the Castor Informatique. It took place from Nov 14th to 21st for students from 9 to 18 years old.

2nd general meeting May 26--28 2015, in Lyon. See the program.